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Saturday, August 19, 2006

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Look Around Crissy

In 1972, Ideal realeased the Look Around dolls which included both the Caucasian and African American versions of Crissy and Velvet. The pull-string on these dolls caused the doll to twist in the appearance of looking around the room.

The above doll came to us Fall 2005 in factory new condition. She was originally purchased by a woman as a gift for her children, and after she passed away, her family found it in the attic, wrapped in birthday paper, but not addressed to anyone in particular. She was wrapped in cellophane from head to toe, including ponytail (which were only removed for her to breath!)

Her dress is crisp-new taffeta and is held in place by a cardboard insert. Her shoe style changed in that she is now wearing matching green Mary-Janes.

This flawless doll is kept in a dust-free cabinet in a humidity controlled home.

This doll is owned by What A Doll! info@whatadoll.net

First and Second Edition Velvet

1st Edition Velvet
2nd Edition Velvet

The First Edition Velvet had a lighter colored purple velveteen mini-dress. The Second Edition Velvet had a darker purple corduroy mini-dress.

The First Edition doll arrived to us in flawless condition Fall of 2005. She came complete with all paperwork, letter to mother, and her rollers and bobby pins for her ringlets.

The Second Edition Velvet also arrived last fall in factory condition (as seen in an earlier post). She came complete with her hair in plastic, rollers in for her ringlets, and all factory packaging intact. We only took off the plastic so she could breathe :)

Both these beautiful dolls are stored in dust-free cabinets in a humdity controlled home.

Both dolls are owned by What A Doll! info@whatadoll.net

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Talky Crissy

The first version of Talky Crissy was the Six-Phrase Version released din 1971. The talk box and speaker opening were located mid-abdomen and she had molded nipples. Most Six-Phrase Crissys had the following phrases available:
  1. I don't think so
  2. That sounds like fun
  3. Why not?
  4. What did you say?
  5. I'll never tell
  6. I'll tell you tomorrow

This particular doll is rare in that she also says "You're so good to me"

The Twelve-Phrase version had her talking box and speaker moved to the lower right abdominal quadrant. Her pull string is located on the side rather than on her back like her Six-Phrase counterpart. The 12-Phrases include:

  1. Hi, I'm Crissy
  2. My hair grows
  3. Let's have a party
  4. I love you
  5. Please dry my hair
  6. I've got a secret
  7. I like to dress up
  8. Set my hair please
  9. Make my hair long
  10. Make my hair short
  11. Brush my hair please
  12. Velvet talks too

There are also significant differences in the box design. The Six-Phrase Crissy came in a pink box with a photographic image whereas the Twelve-Phrase came in a designer box. I do not believe the designer was the same designer who created the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition boxes. I am still trying to verify this. Feedback welcome.

Both dolls are in excellent condition and come with their boxes. Unfortunately, neither have their original paperwork. Their talk-boxes are clear whereas occassionally you will find one that is worn from use and will talk slowly, skip, or have a deeper tone to her voice.

For more information on Talky Crissy visit http://crissytown.8thman.com/talkytown2.html

These dolls are both owned by What A Doll! info@whatadoll.net


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Third Edition Brownette Crissy

Third Edition Brownette
This beautiful Brownette was produced by Ideal along with the auburn-haired third edition Crissy dolls. She originally came dressed in the traditional turquoise blue mini-skirt. She is pictured here in the "Turned-On" Mini-dress and matching stockings.

The outfit and doll are both in excellent to flawless condition. She is stored in a dust-free cabinet in a humidity controlled home. She comes in her third-edition box but does not have her original paperwork.

This doll is owned by What A Doll! info@whatadoll.net

Second Edition Canadian Crissy

Second Edition Canadian Crissy
This Crissy was purchased from an antique toy vendor about ten years ago. We learned last year that she is actually a Canadian version of the Second Edition Crissy. The ponytail is hair-to-knees rather than hair-to-floor. Overall, her hair is a slightly thicker texture and slightly less sheen than her American counter-parts. Her base hair is cut into a Bob with feathered bangs.

Her face is narrower with more overall peach-tone than the American versions. Her lipstick and cheek-blusher were more peach tone with a blue tinting to her eyeshadow.

We learned also that the Canadian version dolls are difficult to find in perfect condition due to a communicable "Vinyl Virus" that can be spread from one doll to another.

We are happy to report that this doll has never contracted such a virus, her skin and eyes are in excellent health without calcium deposits or discoloration that are common with infected dolls.

This doll is owned by What A Doll! info@whatadoll.net

Sunday, August 06, 2006

1970's Third Edition Crissy

Ideal released a third edition Crissy in late 1970. This is the version that I received for Christmas that year. By this time, the doll was so mass produced that the care afforded to the first edition dolls was not maintained through the third edition dolls.There were many mistakes made in the hair roots, cuts appeared uneven, and there were even dolls who had patches and plugs missing from their scalp.

Crissy now wears a sateen turquoise blue mini-dress with matching belt adorned with a flower buckle. It is difficult to find a dress with a belt, but even more difficult to find a dress that is not faded or snagged. The buckles on the belts tend to oxidize and wear with age. Both of these belt buckles are shiny and perfect.

The first doll arrived to us Fall 2005 still wrapped in cellophane around her head and ponytail. She came neatly wrapped in her turquoise tissue paper and has her papers, brush, letter to mother, and designer box with turquoise rope handle.

The first doll has a thinner base and pony. Her hair is cut in a long shag or modified Page-Boy. She has no missing plugs or other imperfections in her hair. Her make-up is slightly flawed in the blush moves from her cheek to the right of her nose and upper lip. All pieces of the original wrapping and box are preserved.

The second doll has a thicker hair base, cut into a Page-Boy. Her hair and make-up are flawless. She has her original box and paperwork.

Both dolls are not handled and are stored in a dust-free china cabinet in a room that is humidity controlled.

These dolls are owned by What A Doll! info@whatadoll.net

1969 African American Hair-to-Floor Crissy

Ideal made an African American version of Crissy in late 1969 or early 1970. The first version was a Hair-to-Floor, as seen above. Subsequent versions had the shorter hair. This doll was dressed in a lime-green version of the lace mini-dress that her Caucasian counter-part wore.

This doll's hair is in absolutely impecable condition. The ponytail was not replaced, but is wavy because it was braided perhaps for quite some time. The only flaw on this gal is a slight smudge to her eye shadow on the left eye.

She comes complete with her box which is decorated in an African American rendition of the same artwork and has a lime-green rope as opposed to the orange rope the Caucasian box has.

This doll , like all of our dolls, is not handled. She is stored in a dust-free cabinet in a humidity controlled home.

This doll is owned by What A Doll, LLC info@whatadoll.net

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ideal's Original Crissy Doll 1969

The "First of the Firsts"
The Original Hair to Floor Crissy

Ideal initially released Crissy in 1969. Her face was, at first, broader and with slightly more harsh make-up than subsequent releases (top photo). The second picture shows a side-by-side comparisson of the two first release dolls with the "First of the Firsts" on the right.

The First Release dolls had base hair that was more woolen in texture and styled in a Page-Boy cut. Because of the texture of the base hair in the first release dolls, it is difficult to find a doll with a good base that is not matted or cut. Later release dolls had hair that was more saran and shiny in nature and cut into a long shag. The ponytails were often slightly different in color from the base as depicted in the doll on the left.

Crissy's crisp lace orange mini-dress, adorned with an orange velveteen bow, has matching panties trimmed in white lace. There are two distinct patterns to the lace overlay which often fade with age, sunlight, or wear. It is difficult to find dresses in such immaculate conditions as these two girls are wearing. It is also difficult to find a pair of panties where the elastic has not stretched. Many dolls have panties on them, unfortunately the legs and waistbands are often in poor condition and the panties tend to slip off the doll.

Each of these dolls are in excellent condition and come to us with their original paperwork, "Dear Mother" letter, orange tissue paper, blue brush, and in their designer box.
These dolls are not handled and they are stored in a dust-free cabinet in a humidity controlled home.

These two dolls are owned by What A Doll, LLC info@whatadoll.net

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